Cataumet Civic Associates, Inc.

Reserving the Train Depot

A Village Treasure
The original Cataumet Depot, built in 1872, was destroyed in a fire in 1924. The building was rebuilt and reopened in 1927 just as you see it today. The building is heated and includes a main meeting room with a sink, a back storage room and a bathroom.

The building is available  for meetings, gatherings, special events and activities. In general, the donation is a flat fee of $25.00. This donation may be adjusted based on how long and how often one would want to use the building. For more information, contact a CCA Board member.

For Users
Depot Checklist:

Please enjoy this special building. Before you leave:

Then please:
Return the key and report any damage or other problems/issues to the CCA representative who helped you with your event.

Thank you!

for inquiries please click on the following link to email us

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